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Ash Barton Estate. Braunton. North Devon

FAQs About Ash Barton


Is the venue licensed?

Yes, Ash Barton is fully licensed for weddings and civil ceremonies. And, yes, it has a full alcohol licence.

Will it be for our exclusive use?

Absolutely. You, your family and guests have exclusive use of the house, grounds and all the facilities for the entire time you’re staying here.  

In the lead up to the wedding or event, who will be my point of contact for questions and queries?

In the first instance email is usually best. Drop Simon Daukes a line at [email protected]. Or call Simon Daukes (07785 386622), Ask us anything. If we can help, we will.

While we’re on site, who is our point of contact?

Henry is our unflappable site manager, with Stephen and Tom on hand too. Not sure about something? Ask one of the on site staff and they’ll be happy to help.   

Are there areas for the wedding party to get ready in the morning?

Brides and bridesmaids usually get ready in the Putsborough Bridal suite. There are sinks for doing hair and make-up and plenty of space to hang dresses and outfits. The chaps usually get ready in Saunton as the room is nice and big.

Whereabouts at Ash Barton can we hold our ceremony?

So many places! From the old chapel or courtyard to the wildflower meadow or under the oak tree: where you get married at Ash Barton is up to you. You can even have your ceremony in the swimming pool. In total we have 13 licensed areas. Download a map of the Ash Barton estate

We want an outside wedding? What happens if it rains on the day?

Ash Barton is the perfect open air wedding venue as there are plenty of outside spaces to hold your ceremony. If it rains on the day, we can quickly help you move the ceremony into the big party barn, old chapel, threshing barn or one of the other indoor locations.

Is the old chapel heated?

The old chapel is cool and comfortable during the warm months and nice and warm during the colder months, as it has two huge hot air blowers.

Can we play music at the ceremony?

Yes, you can. We have a 6000W speaker system in the big party barn. Or you can simply Bluetooth your phone into the system and play your playlist. For the other ceremony locations, you can use our portable speaker system.

How many people can you accommodate for a sit-down wedding breakfast?

In the big party barn, there’s seating for up to 200. In the old chapel there’s seating for 40. Or if you want something small and intimate, our lovely dining room seats 30.


Are there tables and chairs for hire?

We have 40 round wooden tables and 43 trestle tables available as well as 220 chairs and 10 high chairs. They’re completely free for you to use, and you can decorate them however you like. We even have 50 hay bales you can use for free. 

How big are the tables?

The trestle tables 6ft by 2ft and they can seat three people each side so six people in total. The round tables are 5ft in diameter and can seat eight people comfortably.

How big is the seating area of the big party barn?  

Download the map of the big party barn for all the measurements.

What’s the best layout for tables?

It really depends on how many guests you have. Some couples have a long top table and then round tables or square tables for their guests. While others opt for all long tables across the barn. A wedding co-ordinator, such as Katie at Best Day Ever, can help you plan your layout.

Is there a dance floor we can hire?

Our 7m x 6m illuminated disco dance floor is included.

Is there space for a live band?

Yes, the big party barn has a stage for live music or a DJ. It’s free for you to use. Take a look at our interactive tour for the exact location. And check out our suppliers list for local DJs and bands.

Is there a bar?

A bar is already set up in the big party barn. All you have to do is stock it. Take a look at our interactive tour to see where it is. Or download the map

Is there a curfew?

No, no curfew at all. Our nearest neighbour is over a mile away. So you can make as much noise as you like, as late as you like. You can party until the sun comes up as far as we’re concerned. 

Are fireworks allowed?

Yes, they are. We recommend the pet-friendly low noise fireworks, as these reduce the impact on the local wildlife that call Ash Barton home. 

How about confetti?

Yes absolutely, but please use the biodegradable stuff or dried flower petals. We're not fans of plastic confetti. 

Can you recommend suppliers?

From food and flowers to entertainment and photographers: we have a whole list of people who can help make your days extra special. What’s more, many of them regularly attend weddings, celebrations and events at Ash Barton so you’re in safe hands. Take a look at the Ash Barton suppliers list under the 'About' tab.

Can we have an ice cream van on the grounds?

Absolutely. We’ve had lots of summer weddings and celebrations that have featured an ice cream van. Take a look at Mabel the Vintage Ice Cream Van on the Ash Barton suppliers list.

How about fish and chips?

Fish and chips always go down a treat, especially the day after the night before when everyone is feeling a little worse for wear. Try the Whiddon Wagon on the Ash Barton suppliers list. It’s an award-winning fish and chip van. Or pop down to Squires in the village, it’s the world’s best chippie.

Can we have a marquee in the grounds?

Yes, you can. There’s plenty of room in the Ash Barton grounds to have a marquee, yurts, a pagoda or even a stretch tent. Take a look at the marquees and outdoor section on the Ash Barton suppliers list.

Tech Spec 

How can I connect to your speakers system?  

There is a speaker system in the big party barn and we also have a portable speaker system. The music input to our speakers is via two XLR cables. There’s no jack input.  Bluetooth connection is possible for phones/tablets and laptops.

Are there microphones available? 

We don’t supply them. But speak to Katie at Best Day Ever. She can supply them for you.

Can I power up my motor home? 

Power for motor homes is available by the threshing barn, which are regular 240V standard plug sockets (same as interior wall plugs). Camper vans will need to provide their own plug adapters and leads. 

Are there electric sockets in the camping area?

There are no external sockets in the camping field itself. But campers can charge electrical devices in the camper pamper room.

Can I change the lighting on the dance floor?

Yes. And the lighting in the barn. Everything is managed via a simple to use control panel by the stage. To watch a video of the control panel in action, take a look at the interactive tour, then click on big party barn and then click on barn lighting.

Food and drink

Do you do the catering?

What you eat and drink while you’re at Ash Barton is completely up to you. If you’re having a wedding or a celebration, you can organise your own caterer or take a look at recommended caterers on our suppliers list. You can bring your own food with you too, of course. And you can even have food delivered to the door by the local Tesco, Sainsbury’s or Asda. (Just say ‘Ash Barton Manor’ not cottage when you order.)

Can the caterers use the kitchen?

The kitchen in the house is for domestic/residential use. There’s a huge catering fridge and freezer in the utility area, as well as a commercial dishwasher. There’s also a large kitchen/catering area with catering fridges in the big party barn too. If you’re having a wedding or big party, your outside caterer will set up in here.

Is crockery and cutlery included?

There’s plenty of cookery and cutlery in the kitchen for you and your residential/domestic guests and family to use, as well as a 12-slice toaster, high quality cooks knives, a stack of pots and pans, and tons of glassware.

Obviously, if you’re having a sit-down dinner for large numbers in the barn, your caterers will supply the crockery and cutlery.  

Can we supply our own alcohol?

Absolutely. Bring as much as you like. Drink as much as you like. We have a large fridge in the kitchen, a huge catering fridge in the utility area and more catering fridges in the big party barn.

Is there a corkage fee?

No. No corkage fee at all. Open and enjoy whatever you want.

Is there a cake cutting fee?

Not at all. You can bring your cake with you. Or have your cake made locally. Take a look at our suppliers list.

Décor and styling

Will there be anyone to help us set tables or put the decorations up?

We have some fantastic supplier and coordinators, who know Ash Barton inside and out, and can help your friends and family set up before the big day. Take a look at our suppliers list.

Are there any restrictions around décor?

You can do whatever you like apart from repaint the walls. We once had a guest who changed the curtains in the dining room, so they matched the colour theme for her dinner. The room looked great!

How much bunting do I need to decorate the courtyard? 

60 meters should do it. But guests often buy 100 metres so they have extra. 

Do you have any decorations we can borrow?

After various weddings and shindigs, lots of bits and pieces get left behind in what’s known as the ‘Goody Cupboard’. You’re more than welcome to help yourself to anything in there. It’s also worth checking out the Ash Barton Brides and Grooms page on Facebook. There’s always someone willing to sell or gift you table cloths, decorations and other bits and pieces. 


Do you have rooms for disabled guests? 

Our large ground floor bedroom, Velator, is step free, and right next door is its own private and easily accessible wet room with a walk/wheel in shower. The kitchen, dining room and sitting room are all on this level too.

Is it easy to to move around the grounds? 

Easy access to the courtyard and the grounds is via a shallow ramp just a few steps from Velator. And we also have a disabled loo and shower cubicle in our posh loos block just beyond the courtyard. You can also easily access the big party barn via the newly installed permanent ramp.


How many people can Ash Barton accommodate?

We say 35+. But if you use every bunk and every sofa bed you can actually accommodate 45+. And that’s not including the cots for babies.

Can guests camp in the grounds?

Absolutely! You can create your own mini Weddingfest if you like. There’s an area just beside the house that’s nice and flat for camping. And it’s right by our posh loos and shower block. There's also a camper pamper room where there's plenty of room to get ready, and plug in your hairdryers and straighteners. (And charge mobile phones too.) There are also heated rails and plenty of hooks where you can hang clothes to dry.   

Are there places nearby where guests can stay overnight?

There are lots of hotels, guest houses, lodges, cottages, and bed and breakfasts in this part of North Devon. Take a look at our accommodation recommendations. Don’t leave it too late though. As you can imagine, places get booked up pretty quickly, especially during the summer months and Easter and half term holidays.   

Are linens and towels included?

All our beds have crisp cotton linen and every bathroom has stacks of fresh white towels. Need more towels? Just ask Henry. 

Is there a map of the rooms?

Take a look at our interactive tour. Or download a map of the bedrooms. 


Is Ash Barton child friendly?

Ash Barton is heaven for kids. Our games barn is always the first port of call with its full size snooker and pool tables, as well as indoor 5 a side football, table football, air hockey, table tennis, badminton, basketball and a trampoline. The indoor heated swimming pool is always popular too. And there’s plenty of room outside for kids to wander around or kick a ball. 

Are there highchairs available?

Yes, we have 10 high chairs for you to use.

How many loos are there?

Let’s see. On the ground floor of the house, there are three including an accessible toilet. Upstairs there are a further six, some of which are in en suite bathrooms. And outside, in our posh loos block, we have another six, one of which has disabled access and baby changing facilities. And another in the swimming pool changing room.

Take a look at our interactive map to see where all the loos are.

Is there a smoking area?

There’s a smoking area in the lean-to off the big party barn by the car park. There’s no smoking anywhere in the house, the barns or the chapel.

What’s the Wi-Fi and mobile signal like?

It’s surprisingly good. However, we do recommend you don’t rely on our Wi-Fi to stream music at your event or celebration. Just download your playlist in advance.

What's the password? 

The Wi-Fi in the house is Ashbarton. There's no password. Wi-Fi in the big party barn is Ash Barton Barn Guest. There's no password.

Is there a landline?

No, there isn’t a landline. But the mobile reception is pretty good, both in the house and in the grounds. And, of course, with decent Wi-Fi it makes internet calls easy.

Are there power sockets and USB ports?

Every bedroom has plenty of power sockets for hairdryers, laptops and chargers. There are USB ports either side of most of the beds and a whopping 32 in the kitchen too.

Is there a washing machine?

There are two, and you can use them anytime. There isn't a tumble dryer though. Instead we have a pamper camper drying room with heated towel rails and loads of hooks and hangers.

Is there an ironing board and iron? 

There are a few of each. 

Is the house warm?

It’s warm and cosy in the winter months, and cool and comfortable during the summer months. All our energy is sourced from a 200kw woodchip boiler and our solar panels supply all our own electricity. We also feed back to the grid.   

Is there plenty of hot water?

There’s plenty of hot water all year round. In fact, if we ran all the hot water taps at the same time for hours, there would still be plenty of hot water.

Is there anywhere to charge my electric vehicle?

Yes, in the car park we have two 7KW EV charging points which you are free to use.

How many parking spaces are there?

We have parking for 50 cars, overflow parking can be arranged in advance. On the day, Stephen often helps with car park duty and can let your guests know where to park. Camper vans can park by the Threshing Barn or on the camping field in the drier months.

Can we bring pets?

Pets are welcome and are allowed in the old chapel and threshing barn for the ceremony, but not in the house or the big party barn. We do have a nice comfortable stable that’s perfect for your dogs or horses. Yes, really. There’s actually space for a horse. Your pooch can also stay overnight with anyone who's camping in a tent or staying in a camper van on the grounds. 


When do we have to pay the initial deposit? Is it refundable?

Please take a look at our Terms and Conditions.

When do we need to make a final payment?

Please take a look at our Terms and Conditions.

Can we pay monthly?

You can. Please chat to Simon about this option when you book.

Is VAT included?

Yes, it is.

What’s included in the price? Are there any extra charges?

The price we quote you is the price you pay. We have NO extras.  

What’s the cancellation policy?

Please take a look at our Terms and Conditions.


How many days can we book Ash Barton for?

From Thursday to Monday or from Monday to Thursday.

What time can we arrive? And what time do we have to leave?

You will have access to the Party Barn from 12pm and access to the house from 4pm. Checkout is at 10am. If we can get you in early, we always do.

How long can we provisionally book a date for?

Because Ash Barton gets booked up so quickly we are unable to hold days open. Your booking is confirmed once we have received a deposit.

Do we have to clean up afterwards or do you do that?

Please tidy up after yourselves and clear away all recyclables etc into our extensive recycling bins and non recyclables in black bags into our general waste bins. And please take down your decorations, signage, festoons or bunting, or anything else that’s personal to you. In that respect, just think of us as a self-catering cottage. You know the drill.

Don't forget you can pass on any reusable decorations to future guests by leaving them in the ‘Goody Cupboard’.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes, we do. £5M.

We got married in the chapel and had a marquee on the lawn in front of the lake. We kept the giant games room for our guests and spent Sunday in the pool. The house feels like home as soon as everyone is gathered around the wonderful kitchen. You can't ask for a better place to put up your nearest and dearest.

Marilyn Martin

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