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Ash Barton Estate. Braunton. North Devon

Romantic Holidays, North Devon

We all love a bit of romance. But with busy lives, demanding families and stressful jobs, it’s easy to forget to appreciate our significant others.

North Devon is the perfect spot in which to reconnect. And Ash Barton, in particular, is the ideal location for a romantic holiday. Take a stroll across our wild flower meadow, wander through our woodlands or take a long walk hand in hand across the nearby beaches and get sea salt in your hair. Or maybe sit on the patio in the early morning sun sipping a coffee in companionable silence. Or hang out in the kitchen round the AGA eating crumpets.

Whether there’s just the two of you, or you’ve arrived with a whole group, there’s always time for a little romance at Ash Barton.

Lots of laughter, lots of laughter. Safe journey home everyone and the happiest of Christmases to you all. It's been great. Lots of love.


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