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Ash Barton Estate. Braunton. North Devon

Sustainability at Ash Barton

The Ash Barton estate is surrounded by the beautiful North Devon countryside; an environment we’re keen to protect.

In recent years, the estate has undergone a remarkable transformation to become the leading independent sustainable property in the south-west.

Alongside our carbon neutral initiatives, we also have:

  • Biomass energy sourced from a 200kw woodchip boiler
  • Solar PV panels supplying all our own electricity and also feeding back into the grid
  • Multiple Electric Vehicle charging points

We also have outstanding recycling facilities and practices including:

  • 100% glass/metal/card recycled via our own recycling centre
  • 100% organic waste to chickens and compost.

Finally, Ash Barton's beautiful acres are maintained with respect both for the environment and nature itself, so we don’t use pesticides. It means our land is totally organic. And our wild flower and nettle clumps are a haven for butterflies and bees.

Really wonderful place and full of character. Felt very relaxed and at home here.

Kirsty and David Clarke

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