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Ash Barton Estate. Braunton. North Devon

Sustainability at Ash Barton

The Ash Barton estate is surrounded by the beautiful North Devon countryside; an environment we’re keen to protect. 

In recent years, the estate has undergone a remarkable transformation to become the leading independent sustainable property in the south-west.


Twelve years ago, to help us shrink the size of our carbon footprint, we installed solar PV panels. These produce enough energy per year to make nearly 1.3 million cups of tea, and more than enough to cover all our electrical needs, as well as feeding back into the National Grid. The PV panels on the barn roof also supply our two electric vehicle charging points, promoting more environmentally friendly ways for you to travel to us.

At the same time we had a 200kW biomass boiler fitted to provide all the hot water for the estate, as well as the heating for the manor house and big party barn and games barn. It means that hot water is always available, no matter how many people are staying over and no matter how many showers are taken at the same time.


Recycling is also high up on our priorities list. We recycle as much as possible at Ash Barton and we have lots of recycling bins for glass, cans, plastic, cardboard and food. After a wedding, it’s always great to see the recycling bins full to the brim and minimal black bin waste.

We’re constantly delighted by the amazing new ways the big party barn is decorated for each wedding or party, and we have a ‘Goody Cupboard’ for any leftover decorations that our couples don’t have space to take home. It’s an Aladdin’s cave of pre-loved decorations, curios and wonders that you’re more than welcome to upcycle, recycle and reuse for your own celebration.


Alongside our resident wild white doves, we also have a number of animals and birds including blue tits, barn owls, water fowl and wild roe deer which can be heard – if not seen - right across the estate. When you stay at Ash Barton, you have exclusive use of the entire estate, other than the hundreds of nesting birds that make the main drive, between the big party barn and the old chapel, their home.

To help in the pollination of the beautiful wildflower meadow, we also have a couple of bee hives tucked away too.


We’re dedicated to the upkeep of the Ash Barton grounds as well as the buildings. We have an ongoing project of repairing the Devon bank hedges that are abundant on the estate. Overcrowded by bramble and non native flora, we’re slowly replanting them with traditional species including hazel, hawthorn, holly and ash. 

When you book Ash Barton as your venue, we plant a sapling tree on your behalf. If you want your own native sapling along with you, we can plant that too. So you can leave your wedding or party knowing that Ash Barton is better off for having had you stay there.

Finally, Ash Barton's beautiful acres are maintained with respect both for the environment and nature itself, so we don’t use pesticides. It means our land is totally organic. And our wild flower and nettle clumps are a haven for butterflies and bees.

Our green initiatives include: 

  • Biomass energy sourced from a 200kW woodchip boiler
  • Multiple Electric Vehicle charging points
  • 100% glass/metal/card recycled via our own recycling centre
  • 100% organic waste to chickens and compost
  • Sapling tree planting 
  • Replanting hedges 
  • Solar PV panels supplying all our own electricity and feeding back into the grid

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