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Ash Barton Estate. Braunton. North Devon

Lights Up: What’s Been Going on at Ash Barton

News    07.05.2024

Anyone looking at old chapel wedding photographs from the end of last year will notice we've made a few interior updates. The flower arch round the door and the candles are all still there. But we’ve removed the drapes and instead installed 500m of fairy lights suspended from a central halo in the roof, which now cover the ceiling and cascade down the walls. We think it makes the old chapel even more magical than before.  

While we were in the mood, we decided to update the fairy lights in the big party barn too as the old ones were beginning to dim. Yes, all 3km of lights! Henry and Tom spent three days climbing up and down ladders dodging mirror balls, all 40 of them, and tripling their daily step count to get the big party barn ready for all our up-and-coming weddings.

You can have all the lights on and enjoy a warm glow dining experience. Then turn off every other string to lower the light level and change the mood as the party gets into full swing. And for those left partying into to the wee small hours, we can turn them off completely so the space is lit by the dance floor alone. 

A new way in

We’ve also been busy building a new ramp on to the side of the big party barn, which gives full step free access into the barn and vice versa from the barn to the swimming pool terrace and accessible loos. It also makes it easier for your band or DJ to set up as they now have access to the barn through the ‘stage door’ without going through the middle of your party. The ramp is decorated with festoon lights too, so it’s fully lit at night and safe for everyone to use.