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Ash Barton Estate. Braunton. North Devon

Wine tasting & vineyards, North Devon

A magic combination of soil, climate and grapes ensure vineyards in Devon produce still and sparkling award-winning English wines that are enjoyed by everybody from the wine connoisseur to the occasional drinker.

Ash Barton is in easy reach of a number of excellent vineyards in Devon. Quance Wines in Barnstaple produces a number of good wines. We recommend their dry pink. It’s perfect with seafood, salads and BBQs.

Or visit Eastcott Vineyard. They do guided tours between April and September and offer a range of sparkling wines for any occasion. Devon’s oldest vineyard Yearlstone Vineyard is worth a visit.

You can wander round three hectares of vineyards at your leisure before finishing off the trip with wine tasting in Devon. While Lily Farm Vineyard offers wine tasting tours from April to September. Wine tasting in Devon is not notoriously known, but definitely an activity worth considering when stopping by at Ash Barton Estate.

Just remember to bring a few bottles back to Ash Barton with you, so you have something to sip while sitting on the patio watching the sun set...

Recommended nearby vineyards in Devon

  • Quance Wines 27 miles
  • Eastcott Vineyard 34 miles
  • Yearlstone Vineyard 41 miles
  • Lily Farm Vineyard 67 miles

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