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Ash Barton Estate. Braunton. North Devon

Take Your Pick: An Interview with Katie of Graze and S’more

Interviews    15.05.2024

Grazing tables are one of the biggest wedding trends we’ve seen in the last couple of years, from tables laden with all kinds of meats, cheeses, crackers, breads and nuts to the ever popular dessert tables covered in all kinds of sweet treats. So it was great to catch up with Katie of the award-winning grazing company Graze and S’more recently to talk about all things food. 

So we know about your famous grazing tables. What else do you offer Katie?

“As well as our large savoury or sweet grazing tables, we also do traditional canapés and charcuterie cups, as well as sharing boards for each table.”

And how long has Graze and S’more been in operation?


“This is our third wedding season, so about two and a half years.”

And what’s the popular choice at the moment?


“Our sharing boards are really popular this year, alongside the grazing tables. Afternoon tea seems to be a theme for wedding breakfasts too. So we do sharing boards with homemade scones, cakes and sandwiches. It’s traditional yet rustic and relaxed.” 

“Katie and her team provided 17 large grazing boards and three smaller ones for the top table. They catered separately for the gluten free guests too. It was a little unconventional for a wedding breakfast perhaps, but Katie and her team provided a wonderful, filling meal that our guests raved about. Everyone was well fed, and said it was nice to be able to choose what they wanted and not feel like they were wasting food (especially those with kids!). Katie clearly loves what she does, and it shows in the service that she delivers.” Liz and Andi

Do you offer set menus? Or can a couple have anything they want?

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“We offer sample menus with things that can be easily changed. So the couple can select the cheese they want. Or if they’re having the afternoon tea, they can choose the sandwich fillings and the cakes.”

And do you offer menu tasting?  


“Absolutely. We can put together a sample box for the couples to try.”

Do you source your food locally?


“Yes, as much as we can. We use locally made chutneys, and all our breads come from our local bakeries. Then there are some homemade items we bake ourselves like scones.”

“Katie is an artist. Everything she sourced for us was not only perfectly presented but absolutely amazing. She uses as many local suppliers as possible so everything on our canapés and dessert spread was fresh and so yummy. She was wonderful on the lead up to the wedding, checking in to make sure I had everything I needed to make the day perfect.” Sarah and Dan

And do you cater for all kinds of intolerances/beliefs?


"Yes, we can cater or vegans, gluten free guest and nut avoiders etc. We’ve had plenty of experience in this and received good feedback." 

So tell us about what happens on the day of an Ash Barton wedding


“We usually come in the day before to set out platters and store food in the fridges. Then we arrive early on the Saturday to set up.  If we’re offering canapés, we serve those, and then stay on to replenish the grazing tables. We also clear plates and our boards. We then come back the day after to collect items, so we offer a full service."

“They did the most incredible spread on a double grazing table in place of canapes. It was an absolute hit and much to my disappointment there was barely anything left to eat hungover the next morning!” Ro and Andy

What’s the best thing about doing the catering for an Ash Barton wedding?


“We think our food matches the aesthetic of Ash Barton and we really love the setting. We also love how you can have as little or as many people as you like and this allows you to ‘have the day, your way’.”

What’s been the most memorable or favourite Ash Barton wedding?


“I loved providing our first and largest wedding catering for 140 guests. And I also absolutely loved being part of a Halloween wedding and creating foods to match a theme. I just love how versatile the venue is and how different each wedding is.” 

“Graze and S’more did an epic sweet and pudding table which we grazed on for days.” Jody and Neil 

How often do you meet or talk to couples before the big day?


“Honestly, as much or as little as they want. We ensure everything is communicated at every step and I make sure I have a person of contact for the day.”  

What tips would you give to couples to ensure their day runs smoothly?


“If you can stretch to an event planner, I’d highly recommend having one. They can liaise with us and discuss times etc.” 

And lastly, what questions should a couple always ask their wedding caterer?

Katie of Graze and S'more at work  

“They should ask: ‘Do you provide staff to clear away plates?’ and ‘do you offer any packages?’ We do both!”