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Eight Reasons to Have Black and White Wedding Photographs

Advice    19.09.2023

Colour wedding photographs are glorious. And we all love to see bright and beautiful images of flowers, decorations, food and outfits.

But when you’re booking your wedding photographer, talk to them about having some black and white photographs taken too. Here are just a few reasons why:

They’re more emotional



Whether it’s a kiss, a tear or even laughter, human emotions and relationships are captured more clearly with a black and white image. Every picture tells a story, and black and white images ensure the focus is on the faces of the people in the photo and the feelings they’re experiencing.

They focus the viewer on what's important 


If a couple are opting for reportage style wedding, chances are they’ll be photographed at every point  throughout the day. The backgrounds won’t always be perfect, especially when people are getting ready. Black and white images can help eliminate background distractions and ensure the image focuses on the main subject.

They make the best of difficult lighting



Taking colour photographs in a strong light, whether that’s outside on a sunny day or indoors with artificial lighting, can be tricky and the results can be harsh. Likewise, poor lighting can make an image look washed out. With black and white photography, difficult lighting can be an advantage and can be used to create a more dramatic image, full of light and shadows.

They bring more attention to the details


A black and white photograph ensures the viewer’s eyes are drawn to a particular detail in the image and everything else is blended into the background. Whether it’s the lace on a wedding dress or the expression on someone’s face, a black and white photograph draws attention to the finer details.   

They create drama




With its dark shadows and unique lighting, black and white photography makes any scene more theatrical. A well crafted black and white wedding photograph has the ability to capture the story of the day in a unique and dramatic way.

They’re timeless



Trends in dresses and flowers and hairstyles may come and go. But black and white wedding photography never goes out of style. If you want to create some classic images that you’ll still love in 30 years’ time, make sure your wedding photographer includes some black and white photographs too.

They look artistic


The stillness of black and white wedding photographs makes them feel emotive, moody and arty. When so many of your photographs will be a riot of colour, a beautiful black and white image makes a quiet statement.

Everyone looks good in black and white



Probably because it harks back to the days of fashion magazine spreads, it seems black and white photography makes everyone look a bit cool and a bit model-y. Whatever the lighting or the environment, a black and white image brings out the best in everyone.

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