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17 Creative Ways to Name or Number Your Wedding Tables

Advice    20.11.2023

When it comes to the wedding breakfast, you want your guests to know where to sit as quickly and easily as possible. There are many ways to number or name your wedding tables. Here are a just a few of our favourites.

Slate table numbers


For simple table numbering that suits all types of decorations and table styling, you can’t go wrong with slate numbers. If you’ve got a steady hand, write the numbers in freehand using a copper or white pen, or buy or hire them ready made.

Written on a vase


Or use that white pen to write directly on to upcycled bottles and jars. Brown glass works particularly well and if there’s space you can include your guests’ names as well as the table number.

Glass frames



Gold, rose gold or copper glass frames look simple and elegant and particularly suit a white or neutral tablescape. With a white glass pen, you can write the table numbers directly on to the glass. Or for something personal and unique, slip a photograph, complete with a table name or number, between the glass. A black and white photograph always works well.

Flag and stand


For a rustic or industrial vibe choose a copper flag and stand to illustrate your wedding table name or number. You can print numbers, names or photos on to both sides of a card or piece of canvas and then simply attach them to the stand with wire.

Baggage label on a bottle


Keep it simple and rustic with a traditional brown baggage label with string, and tie it round the neck of an empty wine bottle. This an easy to make inexpensive DIY option that still looks pretty on your table, especially if you pop some dried flowers into the bottles.

Laser cut wood signage



Tall wood signs are an elegant option for your tables and are the perfect choice if table space is at a premium. Opt for written table numbers e.g. One, Two, Three. Or order personalised signs and have table names with a special meaning, such as a holiday location.

Wooden blocks


If you want something a bit chunkier, opt for a wooden block table sign instead. These are ideal if you’re having a barn wedding, and like the laser cut wood signs above, you can have numbers, or personalise them with names. Check out Etsy for different options.

Wooden hexagonal numbers


For a cool modern look, you can’t go wrong with wooden hexagonal shaped numbers. Sprayed vintage gold or a champagne colour, these geometric table numbers go well with a variety of colours and decoration styles.

Gold embossed cards


Another option that always works with any décor or theme is black lettering or gold foil on a white background. It looks simple and classy. If you opt for black you can print them out yourself. But if you want to go down the gold foil lettering route, check out Etsy for sellers.

Holiday postcards


Celebrate your favourite holiday destinations and name your tables after your most memorable vacations. Print out or buy postcards and prop then up in any kind card holder.

Favourite tipples


Or how about postcards of your favourite drinks instead? Or you TV shows,  movies, books, food or anything that’s personal to you. Simply print out your images on cards and put them in a silver metal table stand or a rustic wooden card holder. Take a look at Etsy

Personalised artwork


Or have someone produce original illustrations of the most important locations in your romantic journey such as your first date or your favourite restaurant. These unique artworks make lovely keepsakes too.

Chalkboard numbers


Lean into the cottagecore vibe and opt for chalkboard table signs. From rectangle boards on easels to heart shaped blackboards on stands, there are plenty of options to choose from. Remember to buy a packet of chalk too. Try Etsy for chalkboards. 

As part of the table centrepiece  



Make things easy for yourself and incorporate your table numbers or names into your centrepiece. There are numerous ways to do this with flags, chalkboards, and jugs of flowers painted with numbers.   

Printed cards that march the invitations


When you’re having your invitations printed, order printed card table numbers at the same time, so they match the colours and theme of your wedding. Stand your cards up in silver metal table stands or rustic wooden card holders.

Photographs of little you


A super cute trend is to include photographs of you and your partner at the same age as the table numbers. In other words, pictures of you both at the age of three for table three. Slip the photos into gold glass frames or acrylic photo holders.

Or have a theme instead


And finally, forget number and names and go all out with themed table decorations instead. Have each table focused on a favourite book, film or TV show. Then tell your guests the table they’re sitting at and let them work out which one is which based on the decorations in the centre of the table. It’s guaranteed to get everyone talking!

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