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A Celebration of Culture: Wedding Traditions from Around the World

Advice    29.08.2023

Have you ever stopped to think about how love and marriage are celebrated? It's different across all cultures. Think of it like taking a magical trip around the world and discovering the incredibly beautiful ways each culture marks the special day.  



A Japanese wedding is one that exudes immense elegance and captivation in a Shinto-style do. Traditionally, the bride wears a stunning white kimono which is a symbol of purity and new beginnings. The groom wears a formal black kimono, adorned with ancestral crests, reflecting his heritage.

When the ceremony is well underway, the couple sips sake from three cups three times each which is known as san-san-kudo. This act signifies a transformation of negative traits into positive virtues, echoing the evolving journey of love.

Did you know, at the end of the wedding reception guests are usually presented with hikidemono, which are small tokens of appreciation, often beautifully wrapped. These gifts express gratitude to the guests for being a part of the couple's special day and add an extra touch of warmth to the entire celebration.


This is where the Maasai people engage in a unique blessing ritual. The father of the bride spits on his daughter's head and breasts before she leaves with her husband, which is a  sign of respect and good fortune in Maasai culture.

Colourful and intricate beadwork holds significant cultural importance too. The bride often adorns herself with beaded jewellery and accessories that not only enhance her beauty but also carry deeper meanings related to her status, heritage, and marital journey. Each intricate bead tells a story and adds to the rich narrative of the wedding.

Did you know that Kenyan weddings often feature a singing tradition? This involves the bride's family singing heartfelt songs as a farewell to their daughter, while the groom's family responds with their own songs of welcome. It's a poignant exchange of emotions that captures the bittersweet beauty of the moment.



Indian celebrations are full to the brim with colour, festivities, and a vibrant array of traditional clothing to admire. The bride’s outfit, a lehenga is typically embellished with dazzling jewels and decorations. The groom wears a sherwani, a regal ensemble that which presents him as graceful and honourable.

Indian weddings are one of the grandest affairs to take part in, and often last several days. As well as the constant flow of traditional rituals, dancing and feasts, the bride’s skin is also decorated with henna to symbolise joy and beauty. Isn't it fascinating how a simple plant dye can hold such profound meaning?

Did you know that the exchange of garlands between the bride and groom, known as the Jaimala ceremony, signifies their acceptance of each other, and marks the beginning of their journey? It's like a floral declaration of love and commitment that sets the tone for the entire celebration.


Mexico’s filled with some of the most culturally rich traditions a wedding can have to offer.  A popular one El Lazo, where a large ribbon is placed around the couple's necks in an infinity symbol, representing their eternal unity. A dance follows this amazing custom, called the Jarabe Tapatío.

Did you know, the Jarabe Tapatío is known as the Mexican hat dance.


A pre-wedding tradition known as the ‘blackening’ bizarrely sees the happy couple covered in treacle, flour and feathers by friends. It's more than just a simple prank. The messy tradition is believed to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck.

Another charming custom known as ‘first footing’, is when the first person to enter the newlyweds’ home after the wedding brings symbolic gifts such as coins, bread, salt, and even a dram of whisky. This act is believed to bring luck, prosperity, and good fortune to the couple's new life together.

Did you know the bride and groom often incorporate their respective family tartans into their wedding attire, paying homage to their roots and creating a tapestry of heritage and unity. It's a touching display of honouring the past while stepping into the future together.

Throughout our global wedding journey, let's remember that these traditions, as varied as they may be, all celebrate the same thing: the magical union of two souls. They remind us that despite our differences, love is a language we all speak.  

We welcome all these kinds of ceremonies at Ash Barton where love transcends all cultures. 

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