Here are some of the things our guests have had to say about their stay at Ash Barton. 


Thank you so much for an amazing weekend for our wedding.  Our guests loved Ash Barton and all it offers.  It was an amazing find and a relaxed venue for our entire family to stay with us.  And to camp!  Special thanks to Pete for amazing assistance with the rooms, barn set-up and tidy up.  You were always available yet we felt like we hardly saw you.  Thanks for all your help. The kids loved it!

Helen and Rob

As part of our end of year college trip we were lucky enough to get Ash Barton Estate as the perfect location and setting to say our final goodbyes. Although it was our end of year trip, as we are media students from West Suffolk College, we had one final project and that was to create two short films. With this beautiful house, the shots that we got we amazing and so pleased with the outcome. Anyone thinking of going to The Ash Barton Estate, you would be crazy not to. None of us wanted to come home. Thank you so much for such a lovely house and so comfortable to live in for the week!

We had an amazing time. House is beautiful and the chapel was a great disco hall. Thank you so much!

Festival Team of 40

Thanks for a wonderful time!

Madeline and Rosie

The best weekend of our lives. Comfy beds, powerful showers, well stocked fire, spacious kitchen with everything you need, welcoming lounge with ample room, sociable dining room., quaint courtyard, gorgeous chapel, huge barn with fun by the bucket load and great grounds to explore. We could not be happier and Pete was a great help 24/7.

Allan and Jen Lawrence

We partied happily, had lots of beach outings and enjoyed the surroundings of Ash Barton especially swimming. Thanks Pete.

The Davies Family

Great place, something for everyone no matter the weather. Wonderful place for a family holiday. None of us want to go home.

The Green Family

Fantastic weather combined with this superb venue made the happiest day of our lives that much better. The grounds are fantastic., we hope to enjoy this place again. Thank you to all the staff who have helped along the way.

The Woodgate's

The most perfect training and party venue, we all had such a wonderful time.

Zoe and all at M&C Saatchi

We celebrated our wedding here with 75 of our friends and family over a period of a few days.  Although the weather was not kind the excellence of the venue, the beautiful North Devon setting and the absolutely outstanding effort and thoughtfulness of Pete helped to make this an absolutely amazing few days that we will never forget. Pete was a star and we all had a great time!

Vicky and Alan

This house is perfect!  We got married here and it was the best day ever.  Pete is the biggest help you could ever find.  Gorgeous house, grounds and in my favourite part of the country.  Thank you so much!

Letti and Chris

The most beautiful house, perfect for my 50th.  We had family, friends, amazing weather and a fabulous time.  Pete was great and couldn't have helped more.

Sarah Barter

We have had the most amazing few days with 40+ of our treasured friends and family helping us prepare for our wedding celebrations.  The wedding was so special as with all the preparations, everyone bonded and had so much fun.  We have donated our fairy lights and carpet to the chapel for future weddings.  No anti-climax here as we had a Pimms Cream Tea Party and an 80th fancy dress 50th birthday party on Sunday - four days of serious partying has left us happy, exhausted and with fabulous memories.  The house is a true find and the relaxed atmosphere is perfect.  As for Pete, he is a star!  Simon, you are very lucky to have him looking after this place for you.  Pete is kind, helpful, unobtrusive and very resourceful - the perfect caretaker.

Fiona and Gary

Thank you for a fab weekend.  Me and my cousins loved exploring - it's huge!  The play barn is awesome.  Thanks for making a great birthday for my Grandad so special.

Matthew, aged 2

This is the best party venue ever.  Thank you for making mine and Rich's 40th's an astounding weekend.  Massive thanks as well for making the bonfire - made fireworks night go with a bang!

Great place for our annual get-together.  Perfect for all the kids - they loved the barn!  This was the perfect venue and thanks to fab weather, managed to get some surfing in too!  Can't wait until next year!

Spencer Jones

The most fabulous wedding venue for my daughter!  Facilities were excellent with Pete even helping with all the preparations.  Hope to return for more family celebrations.

Jean and Brian Wright

Even though it rained everyday it didn't stop us from having so much fun! Swimming, pool, basketball, badminton.  A very active week!

Neil Sharma

We were a party of 25, age range 3 years to 65, and everyone had a great time. When we weren't at the beach, there was something here for everyone's entertainment.  Even before we arrived things were arranged to ensure our comfort - thank you to Simon.  Also, thank you to Pete who gave any request his immediate attention, representing the true meaning of the word 'caretaker'.  He even unpacked our Tesco delivery!  We will take with us memories of a wonderful time here with family and friends, games of commandos, hide and seek, midnight bowles in the garden, shooting stars, a fantastic starry sky on clear nights, hearing (and for some seeing) the barn owl, cycle rides and loads more.  But above all, sharing Ash Barton with so many people we care about.  The games barn and pool meant we were all happy all of the time.  What more could anyone ask.  Our 40th wedding anniversary couldn't have been more perfect.

Richard and Gleshi Pratt

You will be sorely missed by our family.  Having travelled from Essex, London, California, Chicago, New York, Bishops Stortford and Cardiff we did not expect such an amazing place.  We celebrated (several) special birthdays and a wedding reception in this perfect setting.  We had an amazing time in this wonderful place.  We even managed to use all the rooms with our big family!  The magical manor has been an integral part of our perfect holiday.  Pete is always there when we need him.  Hope to be back soon.

The Huynhs

Fabulous week.  Never a dull moment for grandchildren, parents and grandparents.  Perfect place for a family holiday.

Awesome place, well maintained, pool and games room are superb addition.  We all had a great time.

Simon Day-Hitchin

I love this place.  After a week of staying here, I still feel there is still so much more to explore.  I love the games room and pool.  Amazing!


Pete is brilliant!


Our holiday was awesome!  Loved the games room (but lots of spiders!).  Want to come back again and again.

Emma Byrne

Wonderful house and surroundings.  Brilliant time had by all.

Tania and Jim

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Play hide and seek with lots of people! Thanks so much.

Anna and Nathan's HAG do!

We have had a fab time here in this delightful pad.  The children were overwhelmed by the games barn - they did not want to go home.  We wish you all the best of luck, we will be back!

The McAlistair Spring holiday

What a location!  I would love to take the kitchen home with me!  We had a wonderful weekend, great fun and perfect weather.  Many thanks to Simon and all his staff.

Jade Lewis

What a great place to stay.  A truly excellent venue for a family get-together.  We WILL be back! 

Timmo and Jill

Everyone had an amazing time.  This really is a wonderful place for a celebration with friends.  Never to be forgotten.  We loved the house, we loved the scenery.

Esme 60th Birthday

Really wonderful place and full of character.  Felt very relaxed and at home here.

Kirsty and David Clarke

Had a fantastic time.  Great place to relax.  The house has a great sense of history.

Margaret Burgess

Brilliant time.  Lots of love, fun and laughter.  WOW!  The house is really huge and spacious. Keep up the good service, we will be back.


We had a fabulous time at Ash Barton and love the building.  The barn is fantastic and we had a great time young and old.  To top it off the scenery was to die for.  Thanks Pete, we were all well supported.  'We will be back' as Arnold Schwarzenegger once said.

Barbara Grey

Lovely house, we will be coming back in the summer with the children.

The Grey family and friends

Fab house, great location. What a wonderful New Year enjoyed by all!  Thank you.

The Alcocks

We have had some brilliant weather this weekend that allowed us to fully appreciate this amazing location.  It has been kitted out with some great stuff!

Sam Dowson

Had an excellent time.  House, games barn and area were perfect.

Sam Wyatt

What a fantastic house.  We have had a great weekend.

Gill Jackson

Ideal location for the celebration. Everything we wanted plus lots more.

Glen Swan

A truly wonderful place for a family gathering - we made some lovely memories!

Sarah Palmer

Lovely, relaxed, homely and very friendly host.  Top weekend!

Mike Solomon

The games barn was used consistently used by members of our party from all ages.  The adults loved getting competitive with snooker and the kids dominated the trampoline.  The never-ending supplies in the kitchen caused it to become the main base of the house, however, every room was thoroughly used and enjoyed.  The upstairs living room and kitchen was soon claimed by the kids.  The outside fire pit was roaring every night - it was extremely useful for toasting marshmallows!  Overall, we have no complaints and would consider staying again.  Thank you for our time here it has given us memories never to be forgotten!

Spencer Dale

What a wonderful weekend in every way.  All amenities appreciated to the full, what fun!  And thank you to Pete for being on-hand all the time.  We enjoyed feeding the hens, walking to see the sea and using the games barn and swimming pool.  The Australian Treasure Hunt was great fun!

Masseys, Roberts, Sywes, Goodwin, Hudson family

Great week as always, fantastic house (especially games barn) with stuff for everyone to do! Sardines or hide and seek is a must in such a big house.  Would definitely recommend Croyde Bar for surfing.  Looking forward to coming back soon.

Hunts, Webbers, Sharps, Bradleys, Stanley's and Stevens family

Perfect place for a family party - lots of rooms in the house and garden.  Can sit in the sun at anytime!

Giles Docherty

Couldn't find a better place for all the family gathering - and the weather was 100% perfect! Our ages range from 84 years to 18 months!

Graham family

The house has been the perfect venue for a fantastic week with the family.  We have loved the closeness to the beaches and the pool has been great too.

Storm, Niki, Milly and Bertie

We have all had a wonderful week.  The weather hasn't been great but the pool and TV lounge made up for that.  The students have loved it and we've all eaten far too much!

Havering College, Essex

Fantastic house.  So much to do for the kids.  Wonderful, clean swimming pool and great walks in the grounds.  Would love to come again.

Peter and Caroline

We were here last year and it's so lovely to be back.  We are one family of 32 people and everyone found plenty to do!  A lovely venue and a most enjoyable time was had by all.

Davies family

We spent the most incredible day of our lives here at the manor.  It's been a very special week and a very special venue.  Pete is an absolute legen and has been so helpful and will always remain a great friend.  Thank you!

Will AKA The Groom!

Really fantastic New Year in this big party house.  We've had a fabulous time playing games, kids bouncing in the games barn and lots of drinking and dancing.  Excellent house.  Thank you Pete and Simon!

The Wallace, Llewellyns, Walshes, Powells and Westons Family

Thank you for making is possible for us all to have such a wonderful weekend and for Pauline to have such a brilliant birthday to remember.  It's a beautiful house in a wonderful location.  Best wishes for your future lets!  

Terry and Sandie Riley

Celebrate we did!  Caterers were amazing. Organised a hotpot for us when we all arrived.  Four course meal on Saturday evening.  We transformed the dining room in to the most amazing restaurant.  The theme was blue and we even changed the curtains!  Candelabra’s plus dicky bows plus dress to impress! Fantastic photos of everyone of the staircase!  Great house, cosy and warm.  Games room was brill.  What else can we say - a memorable experience we shall never forget.

Pauline and Dave Simcock

Back again ater 12 months.  A fantastic, long weekend.  23 adults and 20 children makes for a busy time.  Great party.  Great home. Pete is fantastic and most helpful and patient.

The Howards Family, Cornwall

What a perfect venue for our daughter’s wedding! We enjoyed the most wonderful celebration in this fabulous setting.  It bought all our families together under one roof.  Pete's patient assistance throughtout the preparation of the wedding was invaluable.  He could not have worked harder, no task was too difficult or too small, even down to repairing the brides brother's shoe.  Thank you Simon for sharing this most wonderful house, we will never forget this time.

The Svead, Sandbach, Cannon and Wilkie family

I don't want to leave!  I love the house, I basically had my own flat (with Emily!) in the North Wing.  The swimming pool was great and available all hours, amazing!  The games barn was fantastic and ideal for kids.  I also loved the experience of collecting my own eggs from the chickens.  Had such a fab time and would like to thank Pete for being so friendly.

Jessica Hickman

Had a fab time.  Plenty to do - fishing, swimming, partying, BBQ, cream tea, murder mystery!  Pete was very very helpful.  Simon should recognise what a fantastic asset he is to Ash Barton! We wanted to take him home with us all!  Would recommend to anyone, a great party house.

The Hickman's

I have very much enjoyed our stay here.  The house and its facilities were outstanding and catered for all 27 of us!  There wasn't a moment of boredom.  Pete was fab when we needed help around the manor, very efficient and accommodating.  We will miss him and the eggs!!  Very sad to leave but all good things must come to an end.  Thank you again.

Charlotte (part of the Hutler, Hickman, Swain, Wright, McGilliuray, Showell and Vincett families!)

What a fantastic and amazing weekend we have all had at Ash Barton Manor!  It all started on Friday when everyone arrived by dinnertime and had a great time in the wonderful kitchen.  Discovering the games barn and swimming pool earlier in the day was mind blowing.  After a fab BBQ on Saturday, we had a garden fete, with all the families having a games stall to play.  Weather was great too!  Dave arranged the Rat Pack singer for the evening and the fireworks were the best we've ever seen!  Thanks to Pete for always being there for us, and the chickens for the lovely eggs!  This is THE place for a family celebration.  With cricket and croquet on the green, what more could we want.  The house has everything and is so comfortable.  Thank you!

All of us from Bristol for Carrie's 30th birthday

Amazing weekend, perfect house to play sardines!  We've never laughed so much, you're going to love it.

Emma, Rach and Sara Baker

What a wonderful stay. A great place for the whole family and we can't wait to return. Many thanks.

The Jones Family

One of the best weeks of my life. Lovely location, beautiful views, wonderful facilities - perfect for any occasion and perfect for socialising with the huge games barn, heated swimming pool and the cosy fire pit for late night chats (and toasting marshmallows)! Even just after staying at Ash Barton for 5 days, I felt at home and would've loved to have stayed there longer! I'd recommend Ash Barton for anyone for any occasion - we used the facilities for filming but it'd also be great for weddings and general gatherings. It's the perfect getaway and has plenty of rooms for cater for all of your guests.

What a wonderful place to visit. Beautiful grounds, comfortable rooms and wonderful facilities. The kitchen was particularly gorgeous!

Thanks for an amazing weekend.

Sam and Alice

As a wedding/family party setting it is superb, the perfect combination of grandeur and comfort. The support and help from Pete made setting/clearing up so easy. We could not have managed without him! We will all have some amazing memories to treasure.

Ant and Jane Moore

How lovely it was to watch the grounds transformed into a magical wedding venue. Pete was so very helpful with the decorating/dismantling! Brilliant weekend in a beautiful house. 


We had an amazing wedding and post wedding holiday with loved ones. A blank canvas that we could make so personal.  Pete is the star of the venue and we send him huge thanks as he goes beyond the call of duty.

The Sheehans'

The house has been brilliant and the kids don't want to leave! The games room and swimming pool have been a huge hit. A great house for a family away from city life. Thanks to Pete for making this feel like a home away from home.

Wills Family

Amazing time had by all 35 of us. Wonderful place. Tons of laughs with fabulous friends. Thank you Pete and Simon for everything. 

Freya Rabbit

We celebrated Grandpa's 90th birthday and we couldn't have asked for a better destination.  We loved it, thank you!

The Sutton family

Perfect Christmas, great house, thank you.  Pete is amazing!


We dreamed of a location that would be perfect for our wedding.  We searched high and low across the country and then we found Ash Barton!  Our special day was perfect!  The barn, the garden, the house - all filled with special people and love.

Filly and Pete

Many thanks for a fantastic venue for our special few days. Friends and family have loved making the most of the house and all its special parts.  Special thanks to Pete for bring an all-round top bloke.  Helping us with all manner of things to prepare for our big day.

Paul and Chris

We dreamt of a white Christmas and our dreams came true.  Wonderful week apart from the broken leg!


Wonderful atmoshpheric house.  Had a superb weekend, thanks also to Peter.

Stimpson and Williams

Ash Barton was loved by adults and kids alike.  Great place for playing sardines!  Comfortable beds and pillows - what a difference that makes.  Thanks from us all.

Hockley clan

What a great place.  The kids of all ages had amazing fun.  Thank you for a memorable weekend.

Caro, Mickie and Monty Head

A most fantastic venue that made the best wedding I could ever have wished for!  Big special thanks to Pete who made it for us and who couldn't have helped us enough.  Have loved every second of our stay here.

Alex and Becca Morison

The best time!  Thank you for sharing this wonderful estate.

Jane Saville

This place is the best family holiday home ever!  All the facilities are great and I will definitely want to come again.  Thanks so much.

Rebecca Bury

You will be sorely missed by our family.  Having travelled from Essex, London, California, Chicago, New York, Bishops Stortford and Cardiff we did not expect such an amazing place.  We celebrated (several) special birthdays and a wedding reception in this perfect setting.  We had an amazing time in this wonderful place.  We even managed to use all the rooms with our big family!  The magical manor has been an integral part of our perfect holiday.  Pete is always there when we need him.  Hope to be back soon.

The Huynhs

Thanks so much, we've had an amazing weekend!  Pete is a legend.  We'd love to come again.

Henry, Caroline, Katy and Tom Hyder-Smith

This is our nineth year of family holidays and we all agreed that Ash Barton outshone all, including a chateaux in France!  You've got an absolute gem here - beautifully situated  and well maintained.  Thanks so much.  Games barn and pool are bonus features and Pete's the main man!

The Byrne’s

Really appreciate the fab pillows, sofas, big kitchen etc etc.  Would love to come back!

The Moselys

After 10 years of gang holidays - Ash Barton was hands down the best venue for a family group holiday!  Five star rating for accomodation, location, facilities and fine weather!

The Jefferys family

After searching for 18 months we have found the perfect venue.  Able to enjoy all aspects of the house and grounds as a mixture of sunshine and rain.  A big thank you to Pete who looked after us and worked 24-7 to make the weekend a success.

Tricia and David’s 40th weekend

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Play hide and seek with lots of people! Thanks so much.

Anna and Nathan's HAG do!

A great venue for such a bunch of rascals.  Would love to come back.

Sam Stockers, stag party

A wonderful house - I was still discovering new rooms on day 3.  Felt totally at home from the moment we arrived; magic!  The walled garden was a real highlight and everyone should have a Pete.

Grammages 80th birthday bash

Great house, great location, great entertainment.  I would recommend this for anyone to celebrate a special occasion.

Mike Lewis

Mike's 21st and Simon's 30th....  what scenery?  We were so smashed we saw nothing!  Shouting 'AGA AGA AGA!'.  Mum said it's just magical - great house and good times.

The Lewis lot

What a magical place.  We had a fantastic time.  A great combination of modern and old. We would love to come back!

Sarah and Dave Taylor

Such a beautiful and interesting place to stay.  The games room is a great idea.

James Bertenshaw and Felicity Brandts-Giesen

A wonderful place and would love to come back.

Juliet Richardson

Had a fantastic time, beautiful house.  Will be coming back in the summer!  Great place for my mum's 50th birthday surprise.  Unforgettable.

Lataya and Samuel



We had a fantastic time for Auntie Val's 50th birthday.  Lots of fun, joy, tears, love, food, drink and many more.  Thanks for everything.

The Grey family and friends

Warm, welcoming, well fitted and in a beautiful location.  We have had a magical Christmas and hope we have not left any children in the 'North Tower'.

Singletons x30

Awesome house.  Great barn, wicked pool.  Had a fab time.  FLOAT BALL!

Ben Sandall

Everything you could want.  Very friendly and a helpful housekeeper.  Had an amazing time!

Suzanne Geary

We want to come back again and again!

Sean Geary

Brilliant weekend in this fantastic house.  Hide and seek was awesome (now off to try murder in the dark!)

Peter Jackson

We had a fabulous time.  A great house to play grown-up murder in the dark!  Loved it.

Rachel Palmer

Lovely, relaxed, homely and very friendly host.  Top weekend!

Mike Solomon

Thank you for a lovely weekend.  The house, garden, pool all lovely.  We will be recommending you and definitely returning.  Your house is like a maze! Everybody had a fab 30th birthday party.

Cheryl and Claire

Had such an amazing weekend, the house is beautiful, the chapel was perfect and facilities were great.  The games barn kept the kids entertained, especially the pool.  Great place for a wedding, worth every minute.  Every bed was utilised, Pete was a great help and we thank him loads.  Can't wait to come back!

Mr and Mrs Flint

Lovely food, comfy beds, nice TV and fab games barn and pool!  I don't want to leave.  PS.  Milly is soooo cute!


Boo, we don't want leave!  The beds are really comfy and all the rooms look amazing.  Love the games barn and swimming pool!


Wow!  From the moment we arrived to the moment we left, Ash Barton Manor has been a dream come true.  The setting is beautiful and you have provided everything we needed and more.  We wanted to have a personal wedding whereby we could take control of things and add personal touches to each element.  I'd be astonished if you could find any other venue more suitable.  Pete is an absolute star.  We only ever saw him when we needed his help and he handled all the difficult stuff (like hanging lights!) on our behalf so amazing!  Thank you.

Mark and Carly Puncher

Wonderful time was had by all.  Thank you to Pete and Simon for providing superb facilities. 

Dinsey family

Fantastic place for a wedding.  The house is an adventure for the kids which kept them happy.  And the parents! Pete, the man, is so helpful and accommodating.  Hope to come again one day!

Jennifer and James Jones

Everyone had a fabulous few days.  Ash Barton was the perfect venue for Katie and Geoff's wedding and subsequent festivities.  Pete has been very helpful both before and after the event.  We take with us many very happy memories.

Rickard and Hopgood family

An amazing weekend for my stag.  The house is brilliant - a proper party house!  Pete is a legend.  Thank you so much, it was rocking.

Pete Kenyon

We have just had an absolutely awesome time here and loved every minute.  We got married on 10th March 2012 in the chapel followed by the party of the century in the party barn.  Thank you for making us most welcome.  Pete, you are brilliant.

Emma and William

A great gathering for the Pitt family for a 70th birthday.  Sore throats from laughing, talking and possibly drinking so much!  Ash Barton made all the planning and work beforehand worth every effort.  Swimming every morning before breakfast, children exhausted from playing and swimming in the games barn, friends laughing and talking - what more could we ask for!  Except that is - Pete.  Could anyone be more pleasant and helpful - I think not.  Thank you Ash Barton for making dreams come true.

Pauline Pitt

Lots of laughter, lots of laughter.  Safe journey home everyone and the happiest of Christmases to you all.  It's been great.  Lots of love.

PS.  Who the hell is Pete?!


We have all enjoyed a fantastic week.  The house is perfect for children and grown-ups too!  The games barn and pool were very popular and the youngest kids enjoyed feeing the hens.  Thank you to Pete for making the week go smoothly.  We'd all love to come back!

Webber family

We have had an amazing weekend helping my sister celebrate her 40th birthday.  The house is fantastic, plenty of room for our enormous family!  Would love to come back again.

Penny, Darren, Laura, Mark and Ellen

What a fantastic time, we are so glad we chose to get married at Ash Barton!    The house and barn looked amazing (with a little help from our friends!).  Pete is a complete star, we are so grateful for all his hard work.  Nothing was too much trouble and the children loved the animals and adored Milly! We will miss it all very much, but have so many happy memories.  Thank you.

Jo and Paul

Where to start.  Amazing grounds, fantastic house, brilliant barn and pool.  There was something for all ages!  Pete is an absolute angel and Milly is just adorable.  What would we have done without them both.  We would be back in a flash.  Lets hope our lottery numbers come up soon!  If we had room in our car we would kidnap both Pete and Milly!  Thank you Simon for this beautiful house.  And hats off to Pete for the love attention to the house, and also to us!

Vicky, Nigel and Alex

Pete was simply the best!  And Milly is so cute.  Pete was very good with the kids and very helpful and friendly.  Had a lovely time - loved the house, it's lovely the grounds are so well kept.  Would recommend and can't wait to come back!

Emily and Jack

Thank you for a fantastic holiday, we have all had an amazing time.  Pete has been a god send and the eggs are 'wow' delicious. The kids had a great time in the games barn and if they could, would be in the swimming pool all day and every day. We can't wait to come again!  Thank you.

The Bushells and Harts family holiday

Excellent, best time of our lives!  Thank you, Pete, you really made it.  We will treasure our memories forever!

Jo and Ian

What would we do without Pete and Millie?! We're so sad to leave but taking many happy memories with us.

Katie and John

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